Crypto Conundrum: When Banks Don't Understand Your Transactions


Staff member
May 18, 2022
It's a well-known fact that the world of cryptocurrency is still relatively new and not fully understood by many traditional financial institutions. This lack of understanding can lead to unexpected complications for individuals who choose to invest in digital currencies. One such individual recently shared their experience on an online forum, detailing how their bank blocked their debit card and called them after making a large cryptocurrency purchase through Binance.

The individual, who remains unknown, reported that they had been investing in cryptocurrency for a couple of months and had been using their debit card to make purchases on Binance. However, on this particular occasion, they decided to make a larger purchase and immediately after, they received a notification from Apple Pay that all of their cards had been blocked by the bank.

Within seconds, the bank called the individual and asked if they were okay with investing in Binance. The individual confirmed that they had been sending and receiving money with the exchange for a couple of months and asked why the bank had blocked their card, especially since the amount was higher this time. The bank representative explained that they were receiving a lot of payments to or from Binance, particularly in recent weeks, and they wanted to know if everything was working well with cryptocurrency through this exchange. The representative further stated that Binance was not on the bank's blacklist and that they were simply gathering information in order to potentially adopt cryptocurrency in the future.

The individual shared their thoughts on the situation, stating that they believe the bank is calling customers who are into crypto and asking for their feedback. The bank in question is the second largest in their country and they can see thousands of customers sending and receiving a lot of money from cryptocurrency exchanges. They want to adopt cryptocurrency more and more, and the individual believes this could be a good thing for the long-term growth of the crypto market.

This individual's experience may be only, it highlights the potential complications that can arise when using traditional banking systems for cryptocurrency transactions. Banks and other financial institutions are still trying to understand and adapt to this new technology, and as a result, may not always have the best practices in place to handle crypto transactions. It's important for individuals who choose to invest in digital currencies to be aware of these potential complications and to research their options before making any transactions and talk to bank manager . An email or call can help. Possible meeting.