Elite bistro startup how is working ?


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May 18, 2022

Elite bistro startup how is working ?​

Elite bistro in few words could be described - FANCY, RELAXED, LOCAL DINING

Their purpose was always to prepare and serve easy, modest, always delicious food by a team of hospitality professionals who love their job.

When you will read the short history of this team and how quick they are developing. - you will definitely would love to invest to Elite bistro new startup - they suppose that next one is the most ambitious project ever and its now on Seeders having crowdfinding company.
They had already successful years running six award winning restaurants. From 2019 to 2020 fy their revenue was £5.3 million* across the group.
Their recent new projects operating an events catering company across the North West of England which caters weddings, parties and corporate events. They also deliver restaurant quality meal all around UK. They delivered more than 800 dishes for the Xmas time of 2021.

Owning events space they sold out tickets to supper club nights and run masterclasses and chef takeovers.

Ten successful years running six restaurants, having recently launched a new department of business - catering with a "events business" and now about to open their first pub and they are happy to offer equity to investors to help expand the business further.

At their restaurants you will feel like a friend or family member. Their team devoted to provide individual service and they pride on
their idea to providing the best quality, that every single experience with them you would feel special.

This is a new incarnation of the British bistro.