Invest in Second Nature sounds like to invest in your health and make life longer


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May 18, 2022

Invest in Second Nature sounds like to invest in your health and make life longer​

Think healthy equals hard? Let Second Nature change your mind.
Its an app which is changing ideas about losing weight.

Mike and Chris started SN cause they were not happy and frustrated with the weight-loss industry nowadays: all these calorie counting, fad diets, and misleading nutrition advices.

After eight years they could be proudly announce that they have extensive clinical data validating their programme. Which is not only make them confident that Second Nature is a much way better approach to losing weight, but also shown in a clinical study that they could see more significant and sustainable weight-loss results than other methods in this field.

They are twice as effective as other weight-loss programmes.

This app uses behavioural science to retrain your mind to make healthy choices with no much thinking,

They are commissioned by the National Health Service of England for two large national programmes for weight management and diabetes prevention.

They are proudly effective and have a real reason for this - as almost 40% of people lower their blood sugar levels below the type 2 diabetes diagnostic threshold.

To investing in health platforms means a lot not only for yourself but for a humanity itself.