Spending more time in the sky than on land - invest for Floan


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May 18, 2022

Spending more time in the sky than on land - invest for Floan​

Floan is a start-up business currently developing MVP. The MVP is a budgeting tool to help people travel and suggest of paying for flights monthly. Floan is a mix of tech start-up and broker for the travel sector, which is focusing on point of sale finance for flights on behalf of the environmentally conscious.

Floan is helping to spread the cost of purchasing a flight over time. Payment and terms will be made personally to the individual but will suggest monthly repayments over 3 - 18 months which are structured on an easy-to-understand monthly basis.

They are creating a budgeting tool to make affordable travel, whilst being environmentally conscious. They are planning to become one of the first facilitators of affordable acquisition of flights.

Floan’s commercial business model is simple. They plan on creating revenue through charging a booking fee of £35, on any business generating activity through their platform. They are sure that this price that customers will pay in return for the ability to receive a premium service allowing for them to take advantage of better budgeting ability.


May 31, 2022
This company is really interesting! It's a great idea to help people budget for their flights and make it easier for them to travel. I'm curious about how this company plans to make money. Will people be charged a fee for using the service? Or will the company make money by partnering with airlines or other travel companies? I also have a few questions about the technology behind this company. How will the website or app work? Will it be easy to use? I think i have lots of questions that answers :)