Thales Stock: A Hidden Gem with AI Potential


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May 18, 2022
Thales Stock: A Hidden Gem with AI Potential

Paris-based defense company Thales is emerging as a standout stock, combining robust defense capabilities with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Investors looking for a unique addition to their portfolios should consider the growth potential that Thales offers. Here’s why Thales (EPA: HO) is a compelling buy.

The AI Advantage

Thales is not just another defense contractor. The company is integrating AI across its three primary divisions: Defense and Security, Digital Identity and Security, and Aerospace. This AI integration is enhancing product capabilities and driving significant sales growth.

Key Contracts Highlight AI Integration:
  • UK Ministry of Defence: A €2 billion contract to incorporate AI into maritime operations.
  • UAE Pilot Training: Leveraging AI for training on French Rafale jet fighters.

Financial Performance

Thales has reported strong financial performance:
  • Sales Growth: 13.1% increase over the past year.
  • Order Increase: Orders surged by 128%.
  • Revenue: €2.3 billion in Q1 from the Defense unit, representing 52% of total revenue.

Thales has set ambitious targets, aiming for 4-6% organic sales growth and margins up to 12%.

Market Valuation

Despite its advanced AI capabilities, Thales trades similarly to traditional defense stocks like Lockheed Martin and BAE Systems. However, analysts see room for a higher valuation:
  • Deutsche Bank: Analyst Christophe Menard values Thales at €180, a 14% upside.
  • Barclays: Analyst Milene Kerner has a €150 price target.

Strategic Vision

Thales is confident in its AI prowess. The company has established a research group, cortAIx, to spearhead AI initiatives. Thales’ CFO, Pascal Bouchiat, has stated that the company has no need for AI acquisitions, showcasing confidence in their internal capabilities.


Thales’ unique combination of defense expertise and AI innovation makes it a standout stock. As the company continues to integrate AI and secure high-profile contracts, investors can expect substantial growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this hidden gem to your portfolio.