Why HSBC UAE has a TrustScore of 1 out of 5: Examining Customer Reviews and Complaints


Staff member
May 18, 2022
HSBC is a multinational banking and financial services corporation that has been operating in the UAE for several years. While HSBC is a well-established global brand, its reputation in the UAE has been tarnished by negative customer reviews. Many customers have left scathing reviews of HSBC UAE on various platforms, including Trustpilot, expressing dissatisfaction with the bank's customer service, outdated products and services, and inefficient processes.

One common theme among these negative reviews is the bank's customer service, which is described as unprofessional, unresponsive, and even rude. Customers have complained of being transferred multiple times, disconnected during calls, and having to repeat their issues to several customer service representatives. Some customers have also expressed frustration at the lack of guidance and support from HSBC's superiors, leaving them feeling helpless and stranded.

Another issue raised by customers is the bank's outdated products and services, with many stating that they are lagging behind other banks in the UAE. Some customers have mentioned issues with online banking, such as difficulty in accessing their accounts, poor signal quality during calls, and slow response times. Many have also reported that the bank's products and services are not competitive compared to other banks in the region.

In addition, several negative reviews highlight security concerns, with customers complaining of fraudulent activities on their accounts and lost funds. Some customers have expressed disappointment at HSBC's lack of action when it comes to investigating such incidents, and some have even claimed that the bank is involved in these fraudulent activities.

Overall, HSBC UAE's TrustScore of 1 out of 5 indicates that a significant proportion of customers are dissatisfied with the bank's services. While HSBC is a globally recognized bank, it is clear that it has some significant issues to address in the UAE. Improving customer service and addressing the concerns of its customers should be a top priority for HSBC if it wishes to retain its customer base and compete with other banks in the region.