Bitcoasis . Emirates NBD and Swissquote


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May 18, 2022
Bitcoasis is a common cryptocurrency exchange in the Gulf region that supports direct deposit and direct debit to banks such as Emirates NBD in Dubai. Swissquote is a Swiss bank with a branch in Dubai that offers conversion to AED and sends it to bank accounts, as well as a debit card that can be used in Europe. KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures are strict and stringent in both banks and crypto exchanges. All major banks in Dubai have USD foreign currency accounts, so selling crypto in USD and withdrawing it can be a solution. However, it is not clear if all banks in Dubai allow automatic conversion of USD to AED.

It appears that users have had mixed experiences with using Bitoasis with Emirates NBD bank. Some have had trouble adding Bitoasis as a beneficiary due to the stringent requirements of Emirates NBD, while others have managed to do so. Some users suggest using a different bank, such as ADIB, to avoid the hassle. Others suggest using Binance and USDT P2P as an alternative. Some users have had issues with high withdrawal fees and limitations on the amount that can be withdrawn at once.

What cryptocurrencies does BitOasis support?

BitOasis supports over 60 digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, and many others. The full list of supported cryptocurrencies can be found on the BitOasis website.

What payment methods does BitOasis accept?

BitOasis accepts payments through bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

The specific payment methods accepted will depend on the country you are based in.
Is BitOasis safe

BitOasis claims to be the largest and most secure exchange in the Middle East and North Africa region, using advanced security measures to protect their customers' assets. However, as with any exchange, there is always a risk of attacks and hacking or theft. It is important to carefully check the security measures of any exchange before using it, and to keep a small portion of your crypto in a secure hardware wallet like ledger .