Can you give some tips on how to start investing in art?


Sep 14, 2022
First, you need to know what kind of art you want to buy. If you're just starting out, it's best to avoid rare pieces and go for something more accessible that's easier to sell later if you're not satisfied with it.

Next, look for an artist whose work you like and find out what they're selling their work for at auctions or galleries. Some artists will sell directly from their studios or through their own websites, so you can get a better deal by contacting them directly instead of going through a middleman who may mark up prices unnecessarily.

If your budget is limited but still want something unique and beautiful (and perhaps even collectible), buying vintage pieces is an excellent choice as well! There are plenty of online auctions where people post their old works up for sale; just make sure you check how much they're asking before bidding.