Cybersecurity Industry Shakeup: N-able and Barracuda Networks' Potential Deal


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May 18, 2022
N-able Exploring Acquisition: Key Points and Considerations for Cybersecurity Stocks

N-able, a Burlington, Massachusetts-based software vendor, is exploring a potential sale following acquisition interest, according to a report from Reuters. This development has garnered attention within the tech industry, particularly from private equity firms. Among the interested parties is Barracuda Networks, a cybersecurity company based in Campbell, California, and owned by private equity firm KKR.

Background and Context

N-able, which went public in 2021 after spinning out from SolarWinds, has a market value of approximately $2.5 billion. The company recently reported a 14 percent increase in revenue year-over-year for Q1 2024, reflecting strong demand across its software stack and strategic initiatives. N-able's president and CEO, John Pagliuca, highlighted the company's aim to be the vendor of choice for managed service providers (MSPs) by addressing their complex IT needs.

Barracuda Networks, another significant player in the cybersecurity sector, was acquired by KKR in 2022 for about $4 billion. The interest from Barracuda Networks underscores the strategic value seen in N-able's business model and offerings.

Why Consider an Acquisition?

Several factors contribute to the appeal of acquiring N-able:

1. Strategic Synergy: Private equity firms often see greater strategic value in businesses than public markets do. N-able's capabilities and customer base may complement Barracuda Networks' existing portfolio, creating synergies that enhance overall value.

2. Market Position: N-able's focus on MSPs aligns with current market trends where businesses are increasingly outsourcing IT management to specialized providers. This makes N-able a valuable asset for companies looking to strengthen their position in the MSP market.

3. Cost Efficiency: Going private can reduce the administrative burden and costs associated with federal securities regulations and reporting requirements. This can be particularly beneficial for relatively smaller companies like N-able, which may find these expenses burdensome.

Considerations for Stakeholders

For N-able and its stakeholders, several considerations should be kept in mind:

1. Valuation and Offer: It is crucial to ensure that any acquisition offer accurately reflects N-able's market value and growth potential. This includes considering recent financial performance and future revenue projections.

2. Strategic Fit: Evaluating how well the acquiring company aligns with N-able's strategic goals and operational model is essential. For instance, Barracuda Networks' expertise in cybersecurity could enhance N-able's service offerings, benefiting its MSP customers.

3. Employee and Customer Impact: Any acquisition process should consider the impact on employees and customers. Maintaining morale and ensuring continuity of service will be vital for a smooth transition.

4. Regulatory Considerations: The acquisition will likely be subject to regulatory approval, which could impact the timeline and feasibility of the transaction. Understanding and preparing for these requirements is essential.


The potential sale of N-able to Barracuda Networks represents a significant development in the tech industry, driven by strategic alignment and market dynamics. Stakeholders should carefully evaluate the financial, operational, and strategic implications to ensure a beneficial outcome for all parties involved. As the process unfolds, it will be crucial to monitor developments and assess how this acquisition could shape the future landscape of the MSP and cybersecurity sectors.