From Innovation to IPO: Trailblazing Cybersecurity Startups in Europe


Staff member
May 18, 2022
1. Lakera: Leading the Security Charge for AI Systems
Lakera, based in Switzerland, is at the forefront of securing large language models (LLMs). As AI applications proliferate, so do the risks associated with them, including prompt injections and data breaches. Lakera's flagship product, Lakera Guard, offers robust protections against such vulnerabilities. Additionally, their innovative educational game, Gandalf, highlights their commitment to raising awareness and education in AI security risks.
Potential IPO Insight: Given its pioneering technology in a niche yet expanding field, Lakera could be a strong candidate for an IPO as the AI security market continues to grow.

2. Qevlar AI: Revolutionizing Security Operations Centers
Qevlar AI, from France, enhances the capabilities of Security Operations Centers with their GenAI solution that automates cybersecurity investigations and detections. This tool allows SOCs to respond to threats faster than ever, significantly reducing the need for manual intervention and speeding up response times.
Potential IPO Insight: Qevlar AI's innovative automation solutions cater to a critical need in cybersecurity operations, positioning them well for a potential IPO in the tech-driven security market.

3. Filigran: Integrating Cybersecurity with Open-Source Solutions
Filigran, also from France, offers a cyber-threat knowledge management platform that integrates threat intelligence, adversary simulation, and crisis response. Their open-source approach facilitates widespread adoption and collaboration, enhancing cybersecurity awareness across organizations.
Potential IPO Insight: Filigran's integration of comprehensive security tools and commitment to open standards makes it a potential IPO candidate as the demand for collaborative security solutions increases.

4. Element: Ensuring Secure and Private Communications
UK-based Element provides a messaging platform that is end-to-end encrypted using the Matrix protocol. This setup not only enhances security but also ensures data sovereignty, making it highly attractive to entities that handle sensitive information.
Potential IPO Insight: With the growing emphasis on secure communication, Element’s unique positioning in leveraging open protocols for enhanced privacy could lead them to consider an IPO.

5. Gatewatcher: Safeguarding Critical Networks Worldwide
Gatewatcher has been a key player in protecting the networks of large companies and public institutions since 2015. Their solutions use AI to provide dynamic analysis and quick response to cyber threats, ensuring comprehensive network security.
Potential IPO Insight: As cyber threats increase globally, Gatewatcher’s essential services and longstanding reputation could make it a viable IPO prospect.

6. Championing Proactive Cloud Security
Germany's offers a multi-cloud security platform that provides continuous detection and remediation of vulnerabilities. Their use of Security Chaos Engineering to proactively manage and secure cloud infrastructures is particularly noteworthy.
Potential IPO Insight:'s forward-thinking approach to cloud security positions them as a prime candidate for an IPO in a market increasingly reliant on cloud solutions.

7. SeedFence: Pioneering Security for IoT and Embedded Devices
SeedFence specializes in security solutions for IoT and other embedded systems, utilizing AI-based anomaly detection to safeguard these technologies against intrusions and cyber threats.
Potential IPO Insight: The expanding IoT market and the critical need for secure embedded systems could drive SeedFence towards an IPO listing.

8. Metomic: Mapping Data Security Across Platforms
Metomic helps organizations manage sensitive data across various SaaS and cloud tools. Their platform aids in identifying security risks and implementing effective policies to mitigate these risks.
Potential IPO Insight: As data breaches become more common, Metomic’s comprehensive data security solutions may lead them toward an IPO to further expand their impact.

9. Tracebit: Redefining Cybersecurity with the 'Assume Breach' Model
London-based Tracebit operates with an 'assume breach' model, focusing on rapid detection and response to intrusions. This proactive approach helps organizations maintain readiness against cyber attacks.
Potential IPO Insight: Tracebit’s innovative security model and its potential to reshape how companies handle cyber threats could make it an attractive IPO candidate.

10. Snyk: Securing Open-Source Code
UK’s Snyk focuses on detecting vulnerabilities in open-source code, providing tools that help developers secure their projects efficiently. Their solutions are vital in today’s software development environment.
Potential IPO Insight: As reliance on open-source software grows, Snyk’s role in securing it could lead them to pursue an IPO as a strategic move to scale their operations.

11. Risk Ledger: Enhancing Global Supply Chain

Risk Ledger offers a dynamic solution to secure the global supply chain by assessing and mitigating risks in supplier security practices. This is increasingly important in a connected world where supply chain vulnerabilities can have widespread consequences. Their innovative approach leverages a unique live assessment capability, which allows organizations to continuously monitor and improve their supply chain defenses in real time.

Potential IPO Insight: As global supply chains become more complex and integrated, the need for robust security measures increases. Risk Ledger's cutting-edge solutions cater to this crucial demand, potentially making them an attractive candidate for an IPO. Their ability to streamline and secure supply chain interactions across industries could position them favorably among investors looking for companies at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation.