George Condo. When art is more than art. And reason to invest


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May 18, 2022

George Condo. When art is more than art. And reason to invest​

He was born in America in 1957 and seems he doesn’t belong to the time but looking more into future and doesn’t stop just in art field but explore himself and life from different sides.

Condo created a new trend in art and called it artificial realism which explaining as "the realistic representation of that which is artificial». That a synthesis of traditional European Old Master painting with an American pop-art. He worked at the Andy Warhol factory and this experience definitely made imprint in his art. Throughout his career as an artist, Kondo's work has influenced and inspired contemporary writers.

His first public exhibition started from 1981 and since 1983 he had many of them in Europe. In 1984 he moved to Cologne, Germany and next year of his movement he had personal exibitions at the Monika Spruit Gallery. Condo is making impession of an artist who wants to be recognized right here and right now. Since the times he moved to Europe he started to work with the American art dealer Barbara Gladstone.

For ten years - 1985-1995 - Condo lived and worked between Paris and New York, while continuing to exhibit extensively in the US and Europe same time.

Through time style of Condo changed into a new way of art which he calls psychological cubism. Paintings of him in the beginning of 2000 such as Orgy (2004), Superman (2005), Batman and Rabbit (2005), Maya Desnuda (2005), Dreams and Nightmares of the Queen (2006) and God (2007), where he is placing archetypal human figures in a humorous, grotesque style of painting. And this is obvious better to see and experience and invest to than to read about.