Habib Bank Limited and cryptocurency


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Nov 8, 2022
I have my current account in HBL(Habib Bank Limited). They were doing a great job from the last few years.

Today. I am listening a very bad news and services of my bank HBL. Customer's complaints are arising. Customers are facing a lot of problems.

I am also facing some problems.


They don't let you buy cryptocurrency. As a student, I like the idea of investing money in crypto. But they never let me buy crypto. They don't have systems and don't have any link with any crypto broker like Binance. They don't provide any type of credit cards. I have to buy crypto with 3rd parties. This is the main problem which I am facing.


I have a side business. When I deposit money in my HBL bank. They hold my money. They don't tell the reasons. When, I call their helpline, they just ignore me and says it will solve soon. Their helpline is not useful also. They put us on waiting for a long time.


Their staff is not serving to customers equally. If there is anybody who is relative of staff. They will do his work first. They don't work honestly.
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