HashiCorp (NASDAQ:HCP) Evaluates Sale Options; Shares Surge


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May 18, 2022
HashiCorp (NASDAQ:HCP) Evaluates Sale Options; Shares Surge

HashiCorp, a prominent cloud software company, is reportedly exploring various strategic options, including a potential sale. This news comes after a late Friday report, causing HashiCorp's shares to jump 12% in premarket trading on Monday.

Potential Valuation: According to Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron, HashiCorp could command a price between $32-$40 per share. This valuation is based on an 8-10x FY26 EV/Sales multiple, reflecting the company's strong near-term operating potential and the high multiples of recent acquisitions in the sector.

Interest from Potential Buyers: Kidron suggests that several parties, including private equity firms and large enterprise-centric vendors like Cisco (CSCO), Oracle (ORCL), and IBM (IBM), may show interest in HashiCorp. These companies are keen on enhancing their multi-cloud capabilities, making HashiCorp's technology highly attractive.

Current Market Position: Despite a currently depressed outlook reflecting ongoing challenges, HashiCorp's shares trade at approximately 6x FY26 EV/sales. A sale at the suggested multiples would significantly revalue the company in line with its near-term prospects.

Why This Matters: HashiCorp's suite of tools is crucial for enterprises looking to scale in multi-cloud environments. An acquisition could further enhance the buyer's portfolio, offering advanced solutions for cloud infrastructure management and deployment.

Who Might Be Interested?

- Private Equity Firms: Looking for valuable tech investments with strong growth potential.
- Cisco (CSCO): Could integrate HashiCorp's technologies to bolster its cloud offerings.
- Oracle (ORCL): May see value in enhancing its cloud infrastructure services.
- IBM (IBM): Interested in expanding its hybrid cloud and multi-cloud management solutions.

Discussion: Who do you think will be the most likely buyer for HashiCorp, and how could this acquisition impact the cloud technology landscape? Share your thoughts below.