Hedge funds portugal


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May 18, 2022
You can open a retail fund in Portugal by following the laws and EU rules. Our experts in Portugal can help you set up different types of businesses, like limited liability companies, joint ventures, or sole proprietorships. There are a few types of investment funds in Portugal, including UCITS, AIFs, open-ended retail funds, and closed-ended retail funds.

UCITS funds are for investing money from the public. AIFs are for investing in real estate, following EU Directive 2011/61. Open-ended retail funds are popular in Portugal and managed by financial services groups. The Portuguese Fund Managers Association keeps an eye on these funds. To start an open-ended fund, you need a management company.

Closed-ended retail funds are less popular because they're harder to transfer. If you want to open one, our consultants can help. The rules for setting up funds in Portugal come from EU authorities and the Portuguese Security Code. The Securities Market Commission (CMVM) and the National Bank of Portugal oversee funds and financial institutions.

To open a fund, you need a Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and a prospectus with full details about the fund. You also need approval from the CMVM, which usually takes about 20 days. If your application is rejected, you can revise your documents and try again. Funds can be advertised in newspapers, on media channels, and on the internet.

Foreigners can invest in many areas in Portugal. In 2018, around USD 4.90 million of foreign investment flowed into Portugal. About 27% of the total investment went to financial and insurance services. Spain provided 19% of the total investment. If you invest around EUR 350,000, you can get Portuguese citizenship.
If you want to open a fund in Portugal, contact our company formation specialists for help.