How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed your investment decisions?


May 31, 2022
Of course yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way I make investment decisions today. Before the pandemic, my strategy was to focus on stocks that I believed would be profitable in the long run. I knew that if I invested in stocks that were volatile and unpredictable, it would be hard to get a sense of how they were doing over time.

But now, with the world being so uncertain, I've had to rethink my approach. Now, I'm looking for companies that have strong leadership teams and are able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions. I also want to see them working hard at creating new products or services that are going to make money for their company and keep them ahead of the competition.

I'm also looking for companies whose employees are committed to making their company successful—not only because it means more money for them personally but also because they believe in what their company stands for and know how important it is for society as a whole.