How to invest to marketplace for shoots, recordings, performances?


Staff member
May 18, 2022

How to invest to marketplace for shoots, recordings, performances?​

Tutti is a platform and a. new way of airbnb for artistic people.
If you are creating music, theatre, dance, photo or any kind of TV shows and filming. To keep your audience surprised and alive you need always to find a creative space for yourself.

Platform suggest to rent your space to creatives. You could list your place on platform for free, they'll market it to their artist's community. Tutti platform will help you to earn extra income and introduce you to local community of art people.

With Tutti you will find out local gems. You just enter your location and use smart system to find the best local spaces that fit your bravest needs. Looking for an infinity cove, grand piano, sprung floor for sure you will find your best space.

You could contact places just in seconds. You could message host directly, even with no having an account - you only will need email, name, and message, and platform team will control that the host sees it and will get back to you.

With this platform you will save time and money, its designed for it - having a wealth of information about each space, straight talk with the owner and with zero fees from the platform side.