HPE's Approach to Power Management in Mobile Networks: Patented Algorithms and Dynamic Control


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May 18, 2022
Mobile Network Operators and Energy Consumption: A Focus on vRAN and Open RAN

Mobile network operators are striving to reduce energy consumption in their radio access networks (RAN). This industry-wide focus is not just on software but also on hardware innovations. Here's a detailed look at the key developments:

1. Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) Architectures
As telcos shift towards vRAN, they are considering both software tools and hardware advances. These are essential for next-generation network architectures.

2. Balancing Power Consumption, Performance, and Price
Geetha Ram from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) emphasizes the challenges in achieving the three Ps of virtual and Open RAN: Power consumption, performance, and price.

3. Power Consumption and Price
Power consumption is closely related to price due to rising operating costs. Operators often focus on price, overlooking other benefits like optimized power consumption.

4. Hardware Innovations
HPE has patented algorithms for dynamically controlling power consumption. This innovation has resulted in 15% to 20% power savings in tests with major European operators.

5. Deployment with Intel’s 4th Generation Xeon Processors
These capabilities are expected to be deployed with Intel’s 4th generation Xeon processors in the first quarter of 2024.

6. Impact of Hardware Innovation
Geetha Ram wishes operators would focus more on hardware innovation's impact on power consumption. There's innovation in server design, and hardware vendors can make significant contributions.

7. Efficiency in Hardware Parameters
Different boxes support different types of traffic, and servers provided for telcos are carrier-grade and fully NEBS compliant.

8. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
A shift in perspective is needed to consider the TCO from a hardware perspective. A system view, rather than a software-alone view, is essential.

9. HPE's Approach
HPE is working on changing operators' mindset by emphasizing the importance of hardware in RAN optimization.

By focusing on vRAN, Open RAN, and the balance between power consumption, performance, and price, this article highlights the critical aspects of modern mobile network operations. The insights from HPE's Geetha Ram provide a valuable perspective on the industry's current challenges and future directions.

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