Iceotope, Intel, HPE Launch KUL RAN to Tackle 5G Edge Challenges


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May 18, 2022
Iceotope, Intel, HPE Launch KUL RAN to Tackle 5G Edge Challenges

Iceotope, in collaboration with Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), has developed a liquid-cooled server, KUL RAN, designed to withstand the extreme conditions of telecom edge deployments. This innovative offering combines Intel's 4th-generation Xeon processors, HPE ProLiant DL110 servers, and Iceotope's advanced liquid-cooling technology. The result is a reduction in network energy consumption by up to 40%, according to Iceotope's Chief Commercial Officer, Nathan Blom.

For any major telecom CFO, even a 1% reduction in energy use can significantly impact the bottom line. "It becomes worthy of millions of dollars annually for every percentage of energy that I save," Blom said. The potential savings of up to 40% could "materially change the operating income of any telco or tower provider."

One of the biggest challenges for telecom edge sites, particularly those located far from metropolitan areas, is the variance in ambient temperatures and the presence of particulate matter in the air. These factors make air-cooled server deployment less appealing. "You're having to move air around and suck things inside the chassis, which could potentially cause failures, and you're having a difficult time monitoring and maintaining a constant thermal signature inside the chassis," Blom explained.

Another hurdle is the cost and time spent on maintenance for core service events. "When you have to send someone who is highly trained and highly technical out on a three-hour journey or a five-hour journey to a remote location to get [the site] back up and running, it can cost thousands and thousands of dollars per event," Blom said.

Despite these challenges, Iceotope, Intel, and HPE have partnered to create an ultra-resilient, highly energy-efficient design based on Iceotope's precision liquid-cooling technology. The KUL RAN units are hot swappable, meaning highly trained technicians don't need to travel to remote locations for maintenance. Instead, "truck driver technicians" can transport the units to a cleanroom environment for servicing.

While KUL RAN comes with specific Intel processors and HPE servers, Iceotope is flexible and can customize the solution to meet the unique needs of each tech provider. "We're happy to work with each tech provider and give them the customized solution they want," Blom said.

The partnership between the three vendors is strong, and they are looking forward to continuing their work together on next-generation solutions.