Invest in your health - best investing advise ever


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May 18, 2022

Invest in your health - best investing advise ever​

Foodhak a company who bring fresh and ready to eat dishes, which are having a strength of medicine. Its a subscription fee service and bringing your food where are you.

Soon you could invest in their crowdfunding campaign and you will be a part of mission "to revolutionise health using food as medicine» - as the team of Foodhak saying.
They suggest you to make life longer and with no disease. They believe that food is providing us health or making us sick, and Foodhak want to make healthy food widely available. Idea is super - they want to make people healthier and make them living longer with an easy tool - healthy food.

Chefs of Foodhak made a plant-based meals and you could choose any subscription to choose meals. Meals are healthy, delicious and receipts are based on science and on investigation about long term health. Their team of chefs, doctors and nutrition experts based on this information preparing food which is bringing long term effect of healthy body and life.

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