Invest to investing platform must be fun and practical


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May 18, 2022
BUX is European neobroker founded in 2014. They are taking away the barriers to the financial markets, helping millenial investors and traders to discover the world of the financial markets.

The main platform of BUX - is a BUX Zero - which is allowed to make investing with no fees and help users to become a real supporters of business they believe in and share their mission and ideas.

BUX Zero is currently available in 8 European countries such as. - Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Ireland and Belgium. All the BUX products, are available across 10 countries in Europe.

Soon BUX will be launching crowdfunding campaign - you could be part of their successful business.

BUX crowdfunding again because it will give them opportunity to expand activity more in Europe, to add new features and assets and making investing easier for 1 million users.

They already been crowdfunding in 2017 and the community invested more than €1 million in only 24 hours, which gave a great opportunity for growth.

Now they want to give you a chance to join global investors - Tencent (WeChat), Prosus (Udemy and DeliveryHero).

Invest in BUX and become a part of team who is on the mission of making investing easy and affordable for everyone.