Invest together with Wayhome to make dreams true


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May 18, 2022
Wayhome is making dream to own house in UK more real !
This guys created an extraordinary way to buy a house worth up to 10x household income, with just a 5% deposit and no need for a mortgage.
They call it "gradual homeownership» - a business model between owning and renting, to help people buy their first home.

Company was born out of a shocking insight - generation of people comfortably affording rent of their dream home but not able to get a mortgage to own it.
Mission of platform is to making more people to own home of their dreams.

Buy what you can afford, Rent the rest - thats what they suggest

How it is working?

You buy the bit you could afford right here and now. You invest what you have now. Platform suggesting customer to buy a minimum 5%, the rest they invest and they are buying home together. There is no mortgage and no debt is involved and no risk of negative equity. Your house is paid fully. You will pay rent of the part which you don’t own.

The house is yours and fell free to make your own. There is no risk that someone can ask you to leave asap as long as you pay rent.
You have the freedom to paint the walls, change the carpet or get a pet. After all, it’s your home.

You could more of the parts of your house whenever you want of your home from just £50 at time. Every time you increase ownership the the less you pay rent.

Thats it! Easy, transparent way to make your dream home true.