Investing in Mamamade means helping shape the future of parenting


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May 18, 2022

Investing in Mamamade means helping shape the future of parenting.​

Mamamade makes a better life for whole family with a ranges of organic meals, supplements, accessories, online personal sessions, courses, and community.

Mamamade mission is to build up a connected eco-system with a tools which are innovative which are making parenting easy, fun, fulfill and healthy.And all this solutions are with straight-talking support.

Parenting is a hard job and nowadays world waiting for more from parents than ever, and this platform is helping parents show-up - because a happy healthy parent raises happy healthy kids.

Since Mamamade launched they already made £1.2m in recurring annualised revenue which is 3 times revenue from their last successful crowdfund, built a loyal and highly engaged community of 70,000 mamamates and interacting with each daily and benefitting from our personalised coaching sessions, online courses, and downloadable guides - which was bringing them sustainable and aggressive growth.

The main suggestion is - healthy meals ready in minutes when there is no time to cook . No fuss and mess.

Helped at over 500,000 mealtimes already with all the tools which they created on platform.

The one who is join the Mamamade community, they could see that there is a judgement-free zone filled with helpful resources. And its never about the food alone.
Platform is also providing access information from top nutritionists, parenting experts, wellbeing professionals and very own weaning coach.

As they hitting an amazing next phase of growth and expansion across products and territories you could invest in and to join them on this journey.

Its just simply - peace of mind in a box.