Mercantil and Banesco banks and bitcoin


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Nov 8, 2022
I have had the opportunity to have a bank account in four banks in Venezuela, and the truth is that each bank varies a lot in its performance and quality of service, in particular I have had more than any problem with only one of the four, with respect to what it is credit cards, it costs for them to give cards due to the problem of the material that hardly reaches the country and is expensive, I am an investor in the crypto world and the only fast and safe way that I can make investments is through the Binance exchange platform, it is one of the ways that we Venezuelans have to rummage economically speaking, since through that route there is no inconvenience to be able to buy cryptocurrencies and pay through the local currency that are the bolivars, although in these last three months there has been a drop in repeated opportunities of the service of some banks, there are two banks that I consider to be the most solid in Venezuela, which are the Mercantil and Banesco banks