My bank bad service system


New member
Feb 11, 2023
My name is Charles I bank with PROBE Bank plc and their service system is really not favouring , their bank app takes more than an hour to confirm a transaction , and in the bank board it written that crypto currencies can be bought at free will but when ever I try the money keeps bouncing back I don't think it a good idea for a bank if that's the choice of bank you plan on opening. am planning on opening a new bank and I will appreciate it if anybody gives me a good suggestion cause I have complained about my bank issues to their customer care agents but no changes gas been done and this is annoying considering the fact that it takes hours to speak to a human customer care attendant after they first waste your precious Time with pre recorded message.
It is also a big problem that with all their flows they still charge more for transactions even within banks and it makes me wonder if there are no proper board responsible for checking all this and making the perpetrator pay for their actions,so as to by pass all this I will advise anyone to make a u turn when making choices of a bank to save his or her money with to avoid regrets.