New way of fun! To invest in drink!


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May 18, 2022

New way of fun! To invest in drink!​

Have you ever invested to a company, which started on the idea to have lots of FUN?

The list of fun is below and its extraordinary one.

For fun they: built a whisky distillery, created their very own Single Malt Whisky, built a team of talented people for working&playing with them.
An raising investment, creating and launching products, watching the world’s reaction - was probably the most fun for MUCKLE BRIG.

Seriously speaking - company was established in 2014 by two lifelong friends from Edinburgh with a passion for wines & spirits, and especially Scotch Whisky.

They created a products that tell stories about their homeland, took a closer look at whisky production and focus on some questions that no one else was answering.

Could you imagine what kind of products they created considering the fact that these guys could make fun, smart and wise things together in one ?


May 31, 2022
Well said. A company which focuses on having fun could create quality products because the company would be able to attract talented people who are passionate about what they do.

If the company is able to create a good working environment, this could lead to employees being more creative and coming up with innovative ideas. It is also possible that a company which focuses on having fun could end up being less productive overall and not create products that are of the same quality as those from a more traditional company.


Sep 10, 2022
I have not personally invested in a company that started on the idea to have lots of FUN, but I can imagine that it would be very difficult for me to do so. If a company's primary objective is to be fun, then they are essentially saying that their products and services don't matter much at all. As a consumer, I'd want to buy something that was going to last and serve me well, not something that was designed just for fun.

The only place where I think it might make sense for this idea to apply is with a startup company. A lot of times startups are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from other companies in their industry by offering something unique or innovative—and if you're doing something different, then why not make it fun? If you can make your customers happy while also making them feel good about supporting an innovative project and helping it grow into something bigger (by buying products from you), then what's not to love?


Sep 10, 2022
I have invested in a company that was started because it wanted to have lots of fun. It's an online community for people who are interested in traveling. The founders of the company wanted to create a space where people could share their passions and interests with like-minded individuals while having fun.

The way they were able to do this was by building a community where members could post content related to their passions, such as memes or articles on topics they were interested in. They also had contests where members could win prizes for posting high-quality content related to their passions.

This model has been very successful for them, so much so that they've expanded beyond just being an online community into hosting events offline as well. These events allow members from all over the world who may not be able to travel easily due to financial reasons or other barriers to access an event held at a venue near them that still provides the same experience as those held at bigger venues (such as concerts).