PagerDuty Commits to Further Investments in Portugal's Tech Sector


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May 18, 2022
PagerDuty Commits to Further Investments in Portugal's Tech Sector

Lisbon, PortugalJennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty, a global leader in digital operations management, recently highlighted the strategic importance of Lisbon as a critical tech hub during a press meeting. Tejada's visit underlines the company’s commitment to expanding its presence and continuing investments in Portugal.

Founded in 2016, PagerDuty started with two offices and has since expanded globally. Today, their operations span across major cities like Atlanta, London, Sydney, and include smaller satellite branches in Germany, France, the USA, and Australia. Lisbon stands out in this network, having quickly emerged as one of the top five cities following an extensive evaluation of over a hundred cities worldwide. The selection criteria focused on innovation, access to young technical talent, proximity to top-tier universities, and overall attractiveness to international talents, including direct flight accessibility to North America.

Building a Diverse and Dynamic Team

Under the local leadership of João Freitas, former CTO at, the Lisbon hub has grown to boast over a hundred skilled team members. The team has significantly impacted the company by developing crucial software solutions and participating in innovative AI-driven projects. "The work that João and his team have accomplished so far fills me with pride," said Tejada. "They've not only developed critical software that propels our company forward but have also contributed to global initiatives, enhancing our overall market presence."

Embracing Generative AI for Business Acceleration

Looking ahead, PagerDuty is keen on integrating generative AI technology to streamline operations and level the playing field among traditional and tech-forward industries. "Generative AI will play a pivotal role in our future developments," Tejada explained. "It will create software automatically, increase complexity, and provide our clients with the tools to manage their digital operations more effectively."

However, Tejada was quick to note the ethical considerations that come with automation and AI. Ensuring accuracy and reliability, particularly during critical operations, remains a top priority as the company advances in these technologies.

Continued Commitment to Lisbon

As PagerDuty continues to enhance its global and multifunctional team in Lisbon, the commitment to investing in local talent and maintaining close relations with clients remains firm. Although specific financial details remain undisclosed due to public trading regulations, it’s clear that the Lisbon hub has exceeded expectations and plays a crucial role in PagerDuty’s global strategy.