Portugal: the new home for millionaires

Portugal: the new home for millionaires​


Portugal has always had a rich history, art, and culture, making it an ideal area to live.​

Indeed, with the change to hybrid work and the global status quo, the migration of foreigners and multinational firms establishing their home or headquarters in one of Portugal's attractive seaside locales has increased significantly.

These overseas investors are often well-established, company owners, retired individuals, or entrepreneurs trying to secure a backup plan and improve their quality of life.

According to Henley & Partners' Global Citizens Report, around 88,000 High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) are predicted to relocate by the end of 2022, with Portugal being one of the top ten nations to receive this flood of millionaires.​

Furthermore, Henley & Partners has selected the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program as the most appealing in 2022, with 1,300 HNWIs expected to relocate in the following year, placing Portugal sixth on the list of nations that attract the most billionaires.

By investing and migrating, these HNWIs stimulate and add value to the Portuguese economy, generating jobs and further promoting the brand.

It is important to notice the caliber of these investors, and Portugal is fortunate to have them!
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