Pretty new electric second-hand market - a perfect way to invest


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May 18, 2022

Pretty new electric second-hand market - a perfect way to invest.​

EVVN is a platform which measure and certify the condition of a used EV battery. Mission of such a company is to make fair
electric revolution and make it accessible for everyone with the second-hand electric car market.

EVVN wants to provide much transparent and confident information to consumers looking to go electric but not necessarily looking for a brand new car.

Their plan of electric revolution including next steps -
designed a system that can measure condition of the battery of any electric car, the battery health tool will find out complex information about EV transition, positioning EVVN as the essential platform for consumers looking to buy or sell a second-hand electric car in the UK and internationally via a B2B licensing model.

What EVVN is building?

Battery health tool. Company is developing a universal battery-health checking process to give visibility of the car which you are planning to buy.
Detailed transition guide. Everything what you need to know when you decided to switch to electric - starting from charging to servicing and maintenance.
Comprehensive database. Where you will find next car using real, user-led information to help find the best solution, based on priority list.

Sounds like a clear way and perfect option to invest in.
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