Rosenberg's views highlight a cautious outlook on the current state of the tech stocks


Staff member
May 18, 2022
David Rosenberg, a seasoned economist and president of Rosenberg Research, has expressed concerns about the current enthusiasm surrounding tech stocks and the economy. He sees striking similarities between the present situation and the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s. Here are the key points of his views:

1. Tech Stock Concentration and High Valuations: Rosenberg points out that there is an extreme concentration in tech stocks, similar to the dot-com era. He also highlights the eye-popping valuations of some growth stocks, which he believes are reminiscent of the internet mania at the turn of the century.

2. Investor Optimism: According to Rosenberg, investors today appear overly optimistic, much like they were during the dot-com bubble. This is evident in the way they have driven up the stock prices of companies like Nvidia, Tesla, and Meta.

3. Economic Resilience: Rosenberg notes the resilience of the S&P 500 and the tight labor market, both of which were characteristics of the economy before the dot-com crash.

4. Federal Reserve's Actions: He draws attention to the Federal Reserve's sharp interest rate hikes, which mirror the situation during the dot-com era.

5. Recession Warning: Rosenberg warns that the inverted yield curve is signaling a 99% chance of a recession, which could arrive before the end of this year. He suggests that the current economic situation, marked by widespread investor hopes for a "soft landing", is eerily similar to the period leading up to the dot-com crash.

6. Potential Deflation: Rosenberg suggests that the historic inflation could turn into deflation as the US money supply contracts and bank credit continues to decline.

In summary, Rosenberg's views highlight a cautious outlook on the current state of the tech stocks and the economy, drawing parallels with the dot-com bubble and warning of a potential recession.