Secret of success of KAWS or why millenials prefer to invest in pop-art ?


Staff member
May 18, 2022
If once you saw letters X instead of eyes on different kind of sculptures - most probably author of it KAWS and its a sign which millinials have trust to and ready to invest to it. One of the success secret is a wide audience to whom Brian Donnelly (real name of KAWS) is talking through his art.
His collaboration with number of different brands bring him a wave of millennials who made his art as a symbol of generation. Seems that that was a way to stay connected to different people when in his early age he was graffiti artist and same time studying in School of Visual Arts New York City/
His obvious talent have been seen by many different famous brands with whom he was created their products or created a new brands itself.
His creation - Companion- bring money and a good promotion not only and personally to Brian but to the one who is somehow connected to him. In this list there are few strong brands who are always happy to collaborate with him - MoMA Design Store, Nike, Uniqlo, Comme des Garçons, MTV Video Music Awards.