STASH is a Swiss app which making shopping easier


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May 18, 2022

STASH is a Swiss app which making shopping easier​

This app totally changing the way of groceries. You could make an order in few seconds from your phone and they will deliver it to you in minutes.

Its possible to order over 1,300 products from any of your devices - smartphone or laptop.
Team of STASH already delivered around 50,000 orders in last half year.

Their riders packing your order and deliver to you on eco-friendly bicycles.

There is no minimum order and they deliver usually in 10 minutes.

Mission of this useful start-up is: "to standing in line in a supermarket or waiting at home for a 2-hour delivery window is time not well spent», which is fairily true. So while they are making this job - you can spend time on the things which are important for you.

This app making groceries quick, easy and eco-friendly.

What else we need for a more easier groceries?