StaySafe. Be with Flare.


Staff member
May 18, 2022

StaySafe. Be with Flare.​

Flare will be the first who will find out if you are in trouble and will shout out about that to the closest people who will be able to find you anywhere you will be. Mission of a company - is to save lives and rise up lever of safety for people.

You are on run marathon, explore a new city on an e-scooter or cycling late at night - in all this cases Flare can be also for you.

Their goal is to reduce accidents on the roads using incident detection, and providing peace of mind for loved-ones. With an additional features their objective is to make sure that anyone is able to get help quickly. By rewarding users, they encourage active lifestyles.

Flare app works across different activities such as horse riding, running, walking to school, cycling and much more.

This app have good features for users: access all of our basic safety features for free, it works in all countries around the world, you wont need any additional hardware.

Flare is already took awards winning personal safety app which is designed to keep your safety in mind. They already saved a number of lives since November 2019.