Tell me what you eat - I'll tell you who you are


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May 18, 2022

Tell me what you eat - I'll tell you who you are​


Field Doctor is based in London and was founded by two friends who were both working in the food industry. They created a company that make healthy eating simple and sustainable for everyone. It is a subscription-based service that delivers ready-made meals to customers.

Field Doctor makes a perfect ready meals to support specific health conditions and goals. All meals made by expert chefs and nutritionists and are tailored to suit the needs of the individuals. They provide delicious and healthy food without cooking it at home.

Meals are designed by a team of experts in nutrition, dietetics, and culinary arts. Using sea salt, organic vegetables, and hormone-free meats for their recipes. These ready-made meals are perfect for people who have limited time or who don't have much experience in the kitchen but still want to eat healthy and tasty food.

You definitely have to add Field Doctor to your friends list and making this friendship long-lasting.