The conscious beauty startup is it worth to invest ?


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May 18, 2022

The conscious beauty startup is it worth to invest ?​

Lets see whats going on on beauty startups market now? Most of cosmetics brands and companies producing their products together with plastic packages. They do care about beauty of people, but not the planet Earth.

Despite this still in this huge and growing market you could find few who knows about problems of this field and trying to change it.

One of them - company which was founded by Yolanda Cooper in 2019 to suggest high performance, natural friendly, vegan and cruelty-free hair and body care. They say that they are the ONLY truly sustainable brand about hair and bodycare cosmetics. Since that time they are making products fuelled by natural plant-powered extracts. They are clean and CONSCIOUS.

Their mission is to change way of producing packaging for cosmetics from plastic.

They had achieved sales of £2.8m and they are so excited to see that their mission is already found followers with so many customers.

They now having three brands but still one mission for all.

SUPERNOVA. 3-in-1 hair tool.

MINI HUMANS. Baby + kids personal care which are good both for kids and for the planet.

WE ARE PARADOXX. Biotech hair & bodycare from Ireland.

Already want to try their products and to invest in.