Using Raiffeisen bank to buy and sell crypto


New member
Nov 16, 2022
Ever since starting to trade crypto I have been using my main bank, Raiffeisen. You can use their online transfer feature for both selling and buying it without any restrictions, even when other banks started questioning what crypto transactions truly represent. I currently have no fees when using my credit card to online buy and sell them. I could say in regard of this aspect that they are a crypto friendly bank and I would recomand them for anyone who wants to start entering this cryptocurrency world.

For the people who trade in different currencies they offer the option to exchange between the worldwide used currencies without any fees. Also they offer the option to instantly exchange between them when paying, both online and physically, with the credit card even when you have to pay in a currency you do not posses physically. This is really helpful if you do not want to exchange the dollars or euros you receive for selling crypto in your local currency but still want to use them to make your everyday payments. This would also work when traveling in different countries with different currencies.

Overall I recomand Raiffeisen Bank for cryptocurrency purposes because in my own experience I have received an overall very nice support in this direction.