What are some tips for choosing a financial advisor?


Sep 14, 2022
Some tips for choosing a financial advisor:

1. Ask them if they are actually a financial advisor or if they just sell investments.

2. Ask them what their experience is in the field, and how long they've been doing it.

3. Find out if they have any certifications or special training in the area (like CFP).

4. Check out their track record! A good financial advisor should be able to tell you what kind of returns they've gotten for their clients over time, so that you can see how well they've done at helping people like you reach their goals.

5. See if they have any complaints against them—complaints filed with FINRA or with your state's securities regulator (or other regulatory body).


Sep 10, 2022
The best way to choose a financial advisor is to find someone who will listen to your needs, explain things clearly, and be honest about what you want.

If you're looking for someone to help you manage your money and make sure it's in the best place possible, you need someone who can explain complex things in simple terms. A good financial advisor will always provide clear explanations of what they're doing and why they're doing it. They'll also be able to guide you on how to make decisions that are right for you and your family, not just what's right for them.

When choosing a financial advisor, also keep in mind that they should be honest with you about what they can do for you—and what they can't do. If an advisor tries to sell themselves as being able to perform miracles when it comes to investing or managing your finances, avoid them! If a financial advisor promises returns that seem too good to be true (like doubling your money), steer clear. A good financial advisor will always prioritize honesty over salesmanship when working with their clients.