What are some tips for finding a good real estate lawyer?


Sep 10, 2022
1. Ask your friends and family for referrals.
2. Look for lawyers who specialize in real estate law.
3. Read online reviews.
4. Schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs.
5. Make sure the lawyer is licensed and insured.


Sep 14, 2022
Real estate lawyers are a dime a dozen. Seriously—you can find one in your phone book, and they'll be happy to help you out with all your real estate needs. But finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So how do you find the right real estate lawyer? Well, here are some tips:
  • Ask around! If you know anyone who has used a real estate lawyer before, ask them who they used and what they thought of them. If they don't have an opinion, ask them if they know anyone else who does (and then ask them!).
  • Look for certifications or specializations. A lot of lawyers specialize in certain areas of law, so make sure yours specializes in real estate law—not just real estate transactions—if that's what you need.
  • Check their reviews online. If there aren't any online reviews for your potential lawyer, that's not necessarily bad news—but it could mean that no one has ever heard of them before! Do some more research on their background before signing on with them as your legal representative in this very important matter.