What are your thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency?


Sep 14, 2022
My thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency are that it will be huge. This is because it's a new technology and many people have not heard about it yet, but once they do and understand how it works, they will want to use it. The more people who use cryptocurrency, the more valuable it becomes for everyone else.

I believe this because when I started using cryptocurrency in college, I didn't know anyone else who was using it. Then one day I told someone at my school about bitcoin, and they said they had heard about it too. Soon enough we were both buying bitcoins together, and then we started trading them with each other! We were able to make money off of each other's knowledge and experience with cryptocurrencies that we didn't have before meeting each other.

Now there are whole groups of people who are trading bitcoins all around the world, and even though not everyone knows what bitcoin is yet, there are still thousands of people who know about it and want to learn more about how this new technology works.