What is skin immunity and wellness startup?


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May 18, 2022

What is skin immunity and wellness startup?​

One of the latest and great skin immunity and wellness startup just been launched in Finland.

Company has a nordic way to wellness to help to reduce impact of stress on your skin and level up your wellbeing.

They produced 2 phase 'skin immunity wellness' system and bring your skincare routine to another level.

They bring pure and powerful properties of the finish forests to rectorate your way of life and make your skin the best it could be.

Finns know some secrets about how to boost up your skin vitality, restore wellness and keeping away the stress.

Team of Forest Spa Finland is into creating pure and super effective products based on ingredients from Finland and neighbour nordic countries. They have source of the best quality sustainable ingredients. They are always saying «No» to the fakes and to fillers.

They support eco-projects and eco-friendly packaging and using sustainable and biodegradable materials. Another big goal for them is to minimise waste wherever possible.

FINNISH WAY OF LIFE is worldwide known and most of Finns consider to be living in a happiest country on Earth, and they are living in place which is covered nearly fully by forests.

They like to keep ‘one foot in the forest’, and we could understand this as spending time in the forest environment are known to have positive effects on relieving stress, lowering the heart rate, and restoring vitality. And these are basements of nordic lifestyle.

Natural plant extracts found there and have provided health and medicinal benefits for local people throughout time. And today this it is still one of the purest natural ecosystems on the Earth.

Forest Spa Finland is now looking for investors and you could be one of them. Such a great idea to invest in beauty sector but still be connected to a natural sources.