What's New in Cybersecurity? SentinelOne, Nozomi Networks, and More Lead the Way


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May 18, 2022
Cybersecurity Daily News - MSSP Market Update

Today's Top Highlights:

1. Cloud Security Enhancement by SentinelOne:
SentinelOne has launched Singularity Cloud Native Security, an advanced agentless Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). This platform is designed to simulate attack methods, allowing security teams to preemptively address vulnerabilities. SentinelOne continues to innovate in the AI-powered security sector, maintaining its position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.

2. Nozomi Networks and Mandiant Expand Partnership:
In an effort to enhance global cybersecurity, Nozomi Networks has deepened its collaboration with Mandiant, part of Google Cloud. This partnership aims to bolster the defenses of industrial and enterprise CISOs against cyber threats, integrating Mandiant’s threat intelligence into Nozomi's security solutions for comprehensive coverage across IT, OT, and IoT systems.

3. AI-Powered Security Initiatives with Securonix and AWS:
Securonix is partnering with Amazon Web Services to utilize Amazon Bedrock, which provides access to top AI foundation models. This collaboration will enhance the capabilities of Securonix's new suite, Securonix EON, aimed at developing generative AI applications with a focus on security and privacy.

4. Palo Alto Networks Unveils Generative AI Tools:
Palo Alto Networks has introduced Precision AI, a blend of machine learning, deep learning, and generative AI to strengthen cybersecurity measures against AI-generated threats. These innovations are crucial for proactively safeguarding networks and infrastructure.

5. Anetac Secures Funding and Emerges from Stealth:
Anetac, a startup focusing on eliminating security risks in hybrid environments, has announced a funding round of $16 million. With its unique SaaS solution, Anetac is positioned to disrupt the identity and security market.

6. CyberProof and Google Cloud Enhance XDR Services:
CyberProof has expanded its managed XDR services through an extended partnership with Google Cloud. This enhancement will leverage Google Chronicle Security Operations and other Google Cloud Security solutions.

7. Tanium Debuts New Cyber Solutions:
Tanium has released Tanium ITX and Tanium Security Operations for ServiceNow, enabling streamlined management of IT estates and enhanced security operations through the Now Platform.

8. Cyolo and Dragos Announce Strategic Partnership:
Cyolo's PRO Secure Remote Access Platform will integrate with Dragos’ OT cybersecurity platform under the CyoloVerse partner program. This partnership is aimed at securing critical operational technology and industrial control systems.

9. CyberSaint Introduces NIST Framework Benchmarking Tool:
CyberSaint has launched a NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Benchmarking Feature to help CISOs measure their security posture against industry peers, providing insights through a historical maturity graph.

10. Netcraft Launches Conversational Scam Intelligence:
Netcraft's new platform engages directly with criminals to expose scams fully, offering unique insights that help disrupt and prevent future attacks, particularly targeting complex schemes like pig-butchering.

11. DocGo Reports Healthcare Cyberattack:
Mobile medical care provider DocGo has confirmed a cyberattack leading to the theft of patient health data. The company is actively working with cybersecurity experts to mitigate the effects and enhance their security measures.

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