Who are millionaires in Portugal?


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Sep 25, 2022

Who are millionaires in Portugal?​

Global Wealth Report 2022 published interesting data - now in the world there are 62 million of people, who is dollar millionaries and around 160 000 from that amount are Portuguese.

For a people who are not in this list of millionaires each 8.3 adult person have average net worth of $154,000 which is a double amount from the world average amount which is $87,500. In Portugal 31.3% of people having between those who have from $100,000 to $1 million and another 43.8% of the Portuguese are between $10,000 and $100,000.

Credit Suisse saying that the number of people in the lowest part of pyramid of wealth is going to be smaller (with an actives up to $100.000), but upper side of it - is constantly growing (more than $100.00)

Whole picture is showing tendency of becoming more wealthy in Portugal.

Are you still hesitating to come and live here surrounded by people who knows what does it mean to be wealthy?