Why Jeremy Grantham May Be Wrong About the Imminent Stock Market Crash


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May 18, 2022
Jeremy Grantham, a renowned investor and co-founder of GMO, has recently predicted a 70% chance of a stock market crash in the next few years. He believes that we are currently in a bubble that is about to burst, drawing parallels with previous crashes. However, there are several reasons to believe that Grantham could be wrong this time around.

Unprecedented Economic Measures

The global economy is in a unique situation, recovering from a pandemic. Governments and central banks worldwide have taken unprecedented measures to support their economies, including low-interest rates and massive fiscal stimulus. These measures have created an economic environment that may not follow the patterns of past bubbles.

Strong Corporate Earnings

Many companies, particularly in the technology sector, have reported strong earnings and growth during the pandemic. This growth has been driven by increased demand for digital services and changes in consumer behavior. While valuations are high, they are supported by actual earnings growth, unlike the dot-com bubble when many companies had high valuations but little to no profits.

Inflation and Interest Rates

Grantham's argument heavily relies on the assumption that inflation will force central banks to raise interest rates, which could trigger a market crash. However, some economists argue that current inflation rates are transitory and will normalize as supply chain issues caused by the pandemic are resolved. If this is the case, central banks may not need to raise interest rates significantly, which would support continued growth in the stock market.

The Role of Technology and Innovation

The current market has been driven by technology and innovation to a large extent. Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have grown significantly due to their innovative products and services. This growth is not based on speculation but on actual products and services that are used by billions of people. This is a significant difference from the dot-com bubble, where many companies were valued based on potential rather than actual performance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impact

Grantham has expressed concern about a mini-bubble in artificial intelligence. However, the excitement for AI and its potential impact on various sectors could actually support the market. Advances in AI could lead to increased productivity and new business opportunities, which could support stock prices. Grantham himself acknowledges that the effects of AI might not operate on the timeframe of this bubble and could potentially mitigate the decline to some extent.

Long-term Market Trends

Over the long term, the stock market has consistently trended upwards. While there are periods of decline and volatility, the overall trend has been positive. This is due to factors such as economic growth, inflation, and reinvested dividends. Therefore, even if there is a market crash, it could be followed by a recovery and continued growth over the long term.


While Grantham's warnings about a market bubble should not be dismissed outright, there are several reasons why his predictions might not come to pass. The current economic and market situation is complex and influenced by many factors, and it is possible that the outcome will be different from past market bubbles. Investors should consider a variety of perspectives and data points when making decisions about their investments.